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Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloth reviews, ideas, and more advice.

Are you looking for a new tablecloth?  If you are, be glad that you’re looking into the possibility of a vinyl tablecloth.  These are great, affordable ways to dress up a kitchen or dining room table.  For those on a budget, the style and economical traits of the vinyl tablecloth will most definitely be seen as attractive.

Tablecloths made of vinyl are characterized by a plastic that’s backed with flannel.  Sometimes you’ll see these referred to as oil cloths.

One of the best elements of the vinyl tablecloth is the fact that it’s available in such a wide variety of different styles.  There are some that are themed.  Popular themes include holiday themes, cultural themes (i.e. Mediterranean, country), and modern themes.

Another great thing about a vinyl tablecloth is its resistance to stains and spills.  Anyone with a family that includes younger kids will especially appreciate the benefits of this.  Unlike other tablecloths, a stain caused by some spillage won’t ruin your vinyl tablecloth, and should therefore pretty easily come out of it.

You’ll also find that vinyl tablecloths are extremely popular for outdoor settings.  For example, many people like to choose vinyl for their tablecloths when they have outdoor events like picnics and BBQs.

All different shapes of vinyl tablecloth exist too, which makes it really easy to use these for round tables, rectangular tables, circular ones, and more.  They also vary depending on the material of the table too.  Some are optimal for wood, and some are optimal for glass.

You can also find a fitted or weighted vinyl tablecloth to ensure that it’s resistant to wind in outdoor settings.  Most of them generally are, and you’ll find that they’re all waterproof so you’ll be happy to know that some unexpected rainfall won’t in fact ruin your vinyl tablecloth.  There are even some that come with openings that allow for the placement of an umbrella over the table.  you may have even seen these in restaurants.  This provides yet another layer of protection from unexpected weather.

Regardless of the situation, vinyl tablecloths have numerous uses.  Some people even use them for things other than covering a table.  If you have a baby, you may find that snipping off a piece of a vinyl tablecloth and placing it on your baby’s high chair will provide a layer of protection from spills and extra food.  This makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain the high chair.

Some people even like to use the vinyl tablecloth as a curtain.  They’re often seen in boats, RV vehicles, and even in the kitchen sometimes to block out the sun when necessary.  There are dog owners who put them over the car seats when the dog comes in, as this shields the seat from unwanted hair and dirt.

As you can see, there are many different uses for a vinyl tablecloth and we’re here to provide you with some useful information to help you in your efforts to find one.  With a little time spent, you’ll have an affordable vinyl tablecloth in no time.