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Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloth reviews, ideas, and more advice.

One of the higher end forms of the vinyl tablecloth is the flannel backed vinyl tablecloth.  While there are many different tablecloth styles available for purchase and for use, the flannel backed version of this tablecloth style is an attractive one to many owners.

The biggest benefit of going flannel is the fact that the coating prevents the tablecloth from slipping around the table like something completely made of vinyl might.  As you know, vinyl is a slippery material, which could lead to an unstable tablecloth, especially if you live in a household that has children in it.  Kids can easily pull and tug on a vinyl tablecloth, making the setup of your table uneven, or worse yet, leading to the spilling of food, drinks, and other silverware, plates, and glasses.

A flannel backed vinyl tablecloth will provide the stability that an ordinary vinyl one lacks.  As for the top side, the vinyl, people like this for many reasons.  Most notably, it’s a surface that’s very easy to clean, and it’s very resistant to stains.  If foods or drinks end up being spilled on it, a quick wash can easily get it out.

You’ll also be happy to know that flannel backed vinyl tablecloths can be washed in ordinary washing machines.  Unlike other tablecloths, you won’t have to dry clean these, and you won’t have to iron them either.  The surface of the flannel backed vinyl tablecloth generally stays very wrinkle free.  If you prefer the hand washing route, you can also wash these by hand with a sponge, allowing for an easy means to cleaning these.

Another major benefit of using a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth is the fact that the surface of the flannel is very soft.  This means that you won’t have to worry about your tablecloth scratching the surface of your table should it move around a little.  Again, people with children in the house really do appreciate this benefit of a flannel backed tablecloth.

The flannel back vinyl tablecloth is also really resistant to heat, thanks to its relatively thick surface.  If you’re using a thin tablecloth at your kitchen table, you might find that sometimes putting a really hot dish onto it puts you at risk of burning the surface.  Whether it’s a burn mark or, worse yet, a hole, this can easily ruin your tablecloth.  You can also rest assured that your table surface will be well protected for the very same reasons.

Thankfully, the thickness of a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth will protect you from incidents like these, and one could reasonably deduce from all of the above that these are durable accessories that should last you a long time.

As far as shopping for these, you’ll find all different varieties of flannel backed vinyl tablecloths and you should have no problem finding a style that appeals to you.  Most important is the surface, as this is the side that people will see.  Still, you’ll want to make sure that the flannel side appears to be sturdy and reliable.  All else aside, you’ll now know just about everything you’ll need to know.